“Human Resources uses psychology to influence employee performance just like marketing uses psychology to influence buying decisions”

Crysalis Consulting provides People Strategies and Solutions that result in better and more profitable workplaces by increasing employee performance.

High Impact Change:


Finding and hiring not only the right skills and abilities but also the right values is crucial to building a strong company.  At Crysalis Consulting we develop recruitment strategies aligned with your business goals.  Using a combination of behavioural interviewing and personality profile testing we help you hire the right people.

Performance Measurement:

Tying individual performance to company performance is key to achieving goals.  We develop performance measurement systems that focus employee efforts resulting in more engagement and a better bottom line.

Pay for Performance and Rewards:

Shifting your company’s compensation system from a static salary or hourly to a pay for performance system focuses your employees on your business goals by rewarding the right behaviours and results.  At Crysalis Consulting we develop pay for performance systems (bonus, commission, profit sharing, share plans) linked to performance measurement resulting in better performing employees.

Outsourced Human Resources Management:

Outsourcing your human resources needs makes sense when an in-house HR specialist is not budged for or required. Whether you need an HR strategy, an HR project completed, or Employment Standards advice, at Crysalis Consulting we have HR specialists with a variety of skill sets and levels of expertise to match and meet your needs.

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