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Outsourcing your human resources needs ensures your culture is maintained when an in-house HR specialist is not budged for or required. Whether you need us to complete a project, provide human resources advice or provide day-to-day management a few days per month, at Crysalis Consulting we have HR specialists with a variety of skill sets and levels of expertise to match and meet your needs.

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Angela Heit serves as Senior HR Consultant and CEO at The Crysalis Consulting Group located in Vancouver, BC.  Angela is a senior HR professional with over 25 years of HR, Organizational Development, Change Management and Entrepreneurial experience. She has applied her creative energy to conceive and lead many innovative strategies to increase the success of her clients. Her childhood fascination with the creative process and human behaviour has developed into a passion for helping small business create highly functioning company cultures and achieving better performance.

Combining her Human Resources experience, having held roles as HR Generalist through VP HR, with her post graduate education in Behavioural Psychology and Human Resource Planning she has developed expertise in all aspects of HR. Starting her first business in 1994, Angela applies her firsthand knowledge of running her own businesses with the experiences of her clients to create customized HR solutions that directly impact the bottom line upon implementation and increase business value over time.

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In addition we maintain good working relationships with member of our referral network to allow us to draw upon an array of additional business expertise from Tax Planning, M&A Law, Marketing, Web Development, Financial Planning to Insurance Solutions.

To get more details on how this expertise can benefit you please contact us at 604-738-8141 or info@crysalis.ca. To book an appointment for a free initial consultation contact us.