Company Culture Audit

Organizational culture defines a company’s uniqueness and identity, in other words it’s personality. Understanding a company’s culture helps us to understand why companies do what they do and achieve what they achieve.

” Company culture is essentially the company’s personality”

Culture is made up of basic assumptions (values, beliefs, attitudes, norms, and patterns of behaviour) that are shared and adopted by employees to cope with internal and external pressure.

“A strong culture give companies a competitive advantage.”

Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between organization culture and performance. Companies that have a strong culture suited to their industry and business plan significantly outperform their competitors in the long term.  And, a company that harnesses its culture, ties it to branding, and leverages its power has a competitive advantage over rival organizations that do not.

Culture Audit:

To remain competitive, a company should regularly evaluate its values and practices to ensure they are aligned with their corporate strategy. A culture audit provides a comprehensive diagnostic of the current culture as well as a detailed understanding of the culture aimed for. The audit can be used to measure how closely a company’s behaviour matches its expressed values. This knowledge can be used to determine the degree of functionality.  The wider the discrepancy between stated values and actual behavior the greater the dysfunction.  The audit identifies the discrepancies and allows us to recommend competitive actions, investments, new developments, and changes needed to reorient and increase performance.

Audit Elements:

Since culture is primarily a product of its people and how they behave, the audit examines employees’ perceptions of the company’s current practices and the values they consider desirable in three areas:

  • workers – Evaluation of individuals and teams (recruitment, turnover, employee satisfaction, leave management, absenteeism, complaints, employee retention, compensation, benefits, performance management, training, and termination)
  • work – Evaluation of all operational policies, processes and practices (workflow, communication, common errors, customer interaction)
  • workplace –  Evaluation of the organization (formal and informal structure, decision making, formal and informal motivation systems, management practices, delegation and communication)

Using a combination of interviews, surveys, observations, and a review of company documents we develop a corporate culture summary report and make recommendations.  We then build a strategy and implement the changes to positively affect the desired change.

High Impact Changes:


Finding and hiring not only the right skills and abilities but also the right values is crucial to building a strong corporate culture.  At Crysalis Consulting we develop recruitment strategies aligned with your strategic and culture goals.  Using a combination of behavioural interviewing and personality profile testing we find and help you hire the right people.

Performance Measurement:

Tying individual performance to corporate performance is key to achieving your business goals.  We develop performance measurement systems that focus and measure individual behaviours and provide performance feedback resulting in engaged employees actively contributing to your strategic and culture goals.

Pay for Performance and Rewards:

Shifting your company’s compensation system from a static salary or hourly to a pay for performance system focuses your employees on strategic and culture goals by rewarding the right behaviours and results.  At Crysalis Consulting we develop pay for performance systems (bonus, commission, profit sharing, share plans) linked to performance measurement that align your employees and goals resulting in a better performing organization.

Outsourced Human Resources Management:

Outsourcing your human resources needs ensures your culture is maintained when an in-house HR specialist is not budged for or required. Whether you need us to complete a project, provide human resources advice or provide day-to-day management a few days per month, at Crysalis Consulting we have HR specialists with a variety of skill sets and levels of expertise to match and meet your needs.

Policy, Procedure and Process Development:

Having formal policies and procedures is key to communicating your company culture.  Ensuring the formal policies are aligned with workflow processes is what sets a dysfunctional and a high performing organization apart.  At Crysalis Consulting we develop policies and procedures and align them with workflow processes to ensure better results.

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