Finding the Right People

If you are constantly worried about your business, take working vacations, or rarely take time off because you cannot trust your people, then you may not have the right people.  Even if you have great people that you can trust, life happens and you may need to replace or add to your employees.

At Crysalis Consulting we have a unique approach to finding the right people.  Unlike other recruitment agencies we do not keep a database of candidates, instead we go out and find you your perfect candidate based on your unique hiring criteria.  In fact we will find you two, then we will help you interview both and take you through a candidate assessment sheet to help you make the best decision.

Having hired 1000s of candidates over the years, we have found that a values based recruitment approach works best.  Specifically what we do is visit you at your site to get a feel for your company and what sets it apart.  Then we help you identify exactly what you need in a candidate to help you achieve better bottom line results.  We look for fit with the management style of the hiring manager, fit with the culture of the organization and of course job experience and skills fit.  All of this information is turned into a marketing piece designed to attract the best candidates.

Research has shown that the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

Once we receive applications we use behavioural based interviewing to short-list the candidates.  When we have found the best two, we set up a time to interview them with you, the hiring manager.  Next we walk through the candidate assessment sheet to help you make the best hiring decision.  Finally we confirm your decision with thorough behavioural based reference checks.  Personality testing using the Winslow Personality Profile test is available for use for extra  peace of mind should it be a key position.

Best of all our recruitment method is very cost effective because we use a reasonable flat rate recruitment cost structure.  Unlike other recruitment agencies that charge anywhere from 15-25% of the first year’s salary we charge a very reasonable flat rate based on the job level.  Whether you need an entry level receptionist, experienced trades, professional, supervisory, management or senior management person, you will know exactly how much it will cost you to hire your perfect candidate.  And best of all it’s guaranteed.

Our mission is to get it right the first time, however, should your candidate not work out within the first three months, no matter what the reason, we will replace that candidate at no charge to you.

Once you have the perfect candidate we can help you get the most from them by focusing them on the bottom line with a Performance Measurement System tied to their compensation.

Call us today to find out how much it will cost you to get the right person for your job.  Guaranteed!